Fig Ii

15. Take this faked knot between the fingers and thumb of left hand, and with the help of the right hand, undo it. Figure 9. There are two free ends :'X' and 'Y'.

16. Keeping the left fingers and thumb closed—in order to prevent the audience from seeing that things are not as they should be—seize the free ends of the rope ('X' and 'Y') with the right hand, and pass them into the left. The position, as seen from the front, is as depicted in Figure 4. (Do not let either of the two ends be seen).

17. Observation. As far as the conjurer is concerned, the trick is over. All he has to do now is to work up an effective climax.

18. With the right hand, take hold of one end of the rope, and slowly draw it out, keeping it parallel to the floor. When you reach the centre, drop the cord as shown in Figure 10.

19. Now, using the fingers and thumbs of borh hands for the purpose, pretend to "knead" the (supposed) ends together.

20. Then, draw out the cord to its full length. Figure 1 1. The palms of both hands are seen to be empty, but no reference to this obvious fact should be made.

21. Next, pretend to overhear a remark from a spectator, and say: "Certainly you may have it."

22. Finally, having tied the ends together, exactly as shown in Figure 1, throw the loop into the auditorium, and you will be much amused to see how carefully the spectators examine it in order to discover, if they can, where it has been "mended".

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