is displayed by the magician and after his left hand has been shown unmistakably empty, the handkerchief is draped over the upturned palm. The assistant on the left, whom we will term L.H.A. is requested to lay the half-crown on the centre of the handkerchief. This

is done and the performer takes the coin between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Now two things happen simultaneously. The hand holding the coin (the edge of which is still resting on the centre of the handkerchief (see Figure 6a), is reversed, thereby placing the coin pointing upwards with the right hand beiow, and the left hand is reversed, thereby draping the handkerchief over the coin (see Figure 6b). (1) The left hand is now drawn away and the L.H.A. is requested to grasp the covered coin through the fold of the handkerchief. R.H.A. (right hand assistant) is now requested to hold the penny up for all to see. This done, the L.H.A. is asked to grasp the lower folds of the handkerchief, and point the end containing the half-crown towards the R.H.A. The performer now takes the penny from the R.H.A. with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and transfers it to the right hand palm, closing the fingers around it. The magician again approaches the L.H.A. and with the hand containing the penny smacks the point of the handkerchief where assistant is holding the half-crown, causing the assistant to drop that end of the handkerchief, there is immediately heard inside the folds of the handkerchief a clink the performer at the same time showing both his hand empty.

Needless to say, the L.H.A. unfolds the handkerchief to reveal the half-crown, plus the penny.

PREPARATION—The performer finger-palming a penny. (Figure 7).

commences by

A half-crown and a penny are accordingly borrowed, then a hankerchief is obtained, which preferably should be a large size. The two spectators who have lent the two coins are invited to take charge of the coins, one holding the half-crown, and the other holding the penny. The handkerchief is received in the performer's right hand. The left hand is shown to be empty, the hand extended, and the handkerchief is draped over the upturned palm. The half-crown held by the L.H.A. is laid on the centre of the hankerchief, the whole position being reversed, as previously described, thereby showing the shape of the coin which is covered. The L.H.A. now grips the coin through the handkerchief and the performer releases his hold with his right hand (which incidentally, still retains the finger-palmed penny). Before removing his right hand he pushes the penny to the finger tips and grips the coin through the handkerchief with fingers of left hand. (1) At this precise moment he directs the R.H.A. to hold the penny up for all to see. thus diverting attention from his action with the left and the right hands under the handkerchief.

As the R.H.A. begins to raise his hand the performer, having gripped the covered penny with the left hand, immediately withdraws his right hand from the folds of the handkerchief and waves it in an upward direction towards the R.H.A. demonstrating (a) that the coin is to be held high, and (b) that his right hand is empty, without obviously calling attention to the fact. The L.H.A. is now requested to grasp the lower folds of the handkerchief with his free hand. He is now requested to point the 'coin end' of the handkerchief towards the R.H.A., thereby placing the handkerchief in a horizontal position, so that when the performer's left hand releases hold of the covered penny, the penny rests nicely in the folds of the handkerchief (see Fig. 8). It is therefore, in no danger of sliding from its secret position.

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