Ferrules And Pea


Lovers of intimate magic will thrill again to the master touch of Eddie Joseph, who has now brought revolutionary moves and routines to the principle of the shell and pea.

Everything is now done so openly, so disarmingly. and so convincingly that even when you know what is happening you have to laugh ... so easily are you fooled.

The Large Sized Metal Ferru'es have no trick about them and the Pea is just the usual, and only one is used yet the pea will dance from place to place, can be made to appear or vanish from a ferrule on a spectator's hand, and even when trapped by a bottle cap or thimble and then covered with ferrule ... IT WILL APPEAR OR VANISH AT WILL !

It is possible to show ferrule empty and each hand obviou .ly empty . . . yet still the pea arrives where it should. There is no weakness ... no chance of getting caught, for the Illustrated Routines cover every possible eventuality. Exactly as privately demonstrated at Edinburgh . . . ask Archie Tear.

Beautifully Produced M.S.S. and complete Apparatus.

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