F S Cooze

Lucerne, Switzerland.

Dear Bro. Andrews,

I would like to tell you something about the "International Festival of Magicians, 1955" show—"Abracadabra" held at Olympia Music Hall, Paris. We saw this when we were there recently.

I understand this band of magicians first held a season in Paris last year, and it proved such a financial success, that they decided to try it again this year. Mrs. F. said she thought that the magic given outside the theatre better than what we saw inside. This of course was to bring the people inside. The show being termed "International" has Alan Alan, the English Escapist, and an American magician—the rest of the programme was made up of French artistes. On the inside the two last acts were Alan Alan and Yvon Yva, billed as the Greatest Fakir in the World. Stripped to the waist, his opening effect was to take four large safety pins, and force these through the skin of his abdomen. Two each side. Steel hat pins were then stuck through his cheeks. With these in position, he strolled amongst the audience. Back on stage he carefully removed these whilst a nurse swabbed these parts where the instruments of torture had been, with cotton wool. Next "Yva" broke bottles on to a table. He rolled on these and when he had finished did not show any sign of injury to his back. Then he did the same thing on metal spikes. Two elderly members of his audience showed signs of distress, but nurses in the audience for that purpose, soon brought them round again. Whether these people were stooges or not, I do not know ?

We are spending a week in Switzerland. Had four days in Montreux, we all agreed the nicest place ever. Could have done with a month in Montreux. Also had a day in Geneva, to visit the Palace of the United Nations. We are now in Lucerne for a few days. We go to Vienna for a week before returning to London on the 30th. July. Will be in to see you a few days after that.

With all best wishes to you and Lenz.

Sincerely yours,

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