Extenu Endo


Her is an original idea which may appeal to many users of the Vampire DIMIN-UENDO Trick. It wil3 certainly make a nove] variation when appearing at a repeat engagement.

" What do you call that latest trick with the jugs and glasses?" asked my friend, the Psychologist, as we rode home from my engagement at the Annual Dinner of his Literary and Philosophical Society. "DIMINUENDO" I replied, and I added "and a pretty good name too, I think. You see the liquid diminish and diminish untii you end with almost nothing". "Nothing; zero; nought; 0" I added, "Rather a neat play on words, don't you think?" But I could see that my friend was not with me.

A few minutes later, the Psychologist returned to earth. "Why not call the thing EXTEN-UENDO, and do the converse of what you presented tonight?" he asked. Then he went off into his other world again, and left me with something to ponder over, as usual.

However, before we parted, I succeeded in persuading him to set forth the principles by which he considered that the item needed to be revised. Briefly, they were these: (a) Humanity is always more interested in matters which increase than it is in matters which decrease, (b) Any average sample of humanity is certain to be more interested in an abundance, in which they share, than in a reduction which reduces any hope of their sharing. That was the raw material on which I set about the job of revising the routine and the patter. How well, or how imperfectly, I succeeded, you must judge for yourself. In self-defence, or self-justification, I must add that the Psychologist considered that I had improved the item. Here is the way I now present it:

" Ladies and Gentlemen," (exhibit the jug with its inner and outer cavities filled with real beverage) " can I interest you in my favourite tonic . . . (name varied according to the nature of the gathering) . . .? I can recommend it (commence to 'pour out' glasses of beverage for distribution, pouring out twelve equal-sized tots, each equaS in volume to the capacity of the smallest tumbler supplied with the outfit) Would you like to try it. Sir (begin the distribution), and you too, Madame? . . . (continue the distribution until eleven tots have been distributed and the twelfth tot remains available for the purposes of the Performer) . . . quite satisfied, Sir? . . . feeling better already Madam? . . . etc., etc. (ad lib.)

" Now I ought to tell you, Ladies and Gentlemen, that when I had a recent check-up by my medical adviser, he asked me, very politely of course, how much of this lotion I took each day. Now I ask you—what could I say? (glancing at the empty jug). But I answered quite truthfully "Oh, a matter of a quart" at which the Doctor raised his eyebrows and immediately cut me down to one tot a day. (Taking up the twelfth tot). So here is my daily ration !

" Mind you, being a Magician, I'm not unduly worried, for I can always apply the right fluence (a few passes) and my tot becomes (start pouring into second vessel, with feke) doubled (dispfay the apparently increased quantity) ... or trebled (repeat routine and show the still greater quantity) ... no trouble at all you see ... in fact, I soon have it multiplied (continue routine filling up the jug . . . until I have it up to my usual ration !

" And if any of you would like to join me, I'll be only too glad to let you join me at the results, if you'll call round and see me in the Dressing Room, after the show."

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