Exclusive Photos By Max Andrews

Esme Levante
Top. Left to Right: Esme Levante, Les Levante, Oscar Paulson, ]une. Bottom Left to Right: Col. Ling Soo- Voltaire, Claude Chandler.

EDITORIAL.—Continued from previous page a selection of the large crowd of stalwarts but they are those who invariably attend I.B.M. gatherings. Suffice to say that it was a very jolly, informal affair, with no fewer than 17 artistes on the bill. The Guest of Honour made a charming and friendly speech, and our own Oscar Paulson presided. I should mention that each artiste only performed one trick (thank goodness) and Esme was prevailed upon to do her 'party piece'. This took the form of a presentation of the Six Card Repeat, performed as in "la belie France". I must say that one seldom hears such a pure and perfect French accent outside of France itself, and Les afterwards informed me that she was educated in that country. Esme is going to jump off Brighton Pier at the Convention, handcuffed and manacled, and she will make her sensational underwater escape.

We have some bright things in magic to look forward to this season, but for my part, I must feave you before G.B. cuts my art'de.

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