Euclids Rings

A Scientific Marvel which is really 'out of this World'

In actual fact, this story goes back to an age when the World was very young, but certain men were very wise. One of the early Creek Philosophers was Euclid, who laid down the principles of Geometry as we know it to-day. There were problems in his day however, which he was quite unable to solve, and despite the advance of over 2000 years of so called civilisation, these problems still remain a mystery. The most famous of these was Euclid's headache . . . how to 'Square the Circle'. Ladies and Gentlemen, to-night you are very privileged to be here, for I am going to solve that very problem for you. I shall in fact go much farther than that, and I will also tell you how to do it".

Thus patters the magician, and he requests the help of a gentleman from the audience. The performer shows a large brilliant steel ring in his hand. Whilst they are still looking at it ... it multiplies to two rings. One is given to the assistant, and the magician just asks him to hold it in one hand.


He takes one of them and holds it in the fantastic transformations and amused by the same manner as his assistant. On the count assistant's dilemma.

The Rings are 11 ins. diameter and Brilliantly

Chromium Plated of three, they both shake their ring. The one remains the same BUT THE MAGICIAN'S RING CHANGES INTO A TRIANGLE ! That is the first stage.


One of these he gives to the assistant, with instructions to do the same as before. Strange as it may seem, this time the magician's ring changes into a SQUARE! The other ring remains as it was, much to the assistant's dismay!

Finally each take of the the two remaining rings and hold as before. Whilst no change appears in the assistant's ring, that of the magician changes into a RECTANGLE. THIS HE QUICKLY TRANFORMS INTO ANOTHER FIGURE . . . AND FINALLY INTO A SQUARE ONLY HALF THE ORIGINAL SIZE ! ! !

Talk about science word.

. this is the last

The entertainment value is superb. The audience are amazed by such

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