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(Vide a correspondent)

I was recently lucky enough to obtain a copy of "It must be Mindreading" by George Anderson, published by the Ireland Magic Co. in 1949 (U.S.A.). It certainly has some very fine material in its fifty odd pages, and started me searching among my other books on mentalism.

The preface lays down the requirements of a mental act, and the author has certainly set himself a high standard judging by the following rules:—

1. No confederates or assistants necessary to any trick.

2. No cumbersome or heavy gimmicks.

3. A balance between close up and platform material.

4. No card effects for platform work.

5. No effects that require elaborate make ready.

6. No material that has not been thoroughly tested.

7. The simplest method, new or old, original or adapted to achieve the effect.

I quote two passages from the book which will give you an idea of the practical advice given:—

"Magicians—fooey! They're all alike except a couple of top notchers. They think being able to do wonderful tricks is all that counts. They do not know how to sell what they have. They'll practice years making a playing card Vanish and come back, and they don't even learn how to take a bow. They don't know how to walk on, let alone how to act!"

"When a dealer sells you a trick he is selling you the props, with which to build yourself an addition to your programme. Remember that he has sold the same props, to many other Magicians. What you do with the props, is what determines your rating."

The author goes on to give a number of books which one should study to have a good background.

I occasionally perform two mental effects, in one of which I use the Centre Tear Steal, and I was particularly pleased with the excuse for the centre circle idea given in this book.

There are many tricks contained in this publication but the most valuable thing, to my mind, is the guide to the answering of questions. This I think, is the stumbling block for many Magicians who would like to take up this branch of Magic. It will not, of course, make you a Mentalist overnight, but will certainly put you on the right path !

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