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plain postcards, a length of dowel rod, and two cloth bags.

One bag must be made with a full length division to form two compartments. Both are made with flaps at top which fasten over with press studs. The double bag also requires a thin piece of card in the back division (see routine).

Sounds quite a lot of props doesn't it, but the few shillings spent on them is really well worth while.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS.— Take two of the puppets (one of Hank and one of Flower Potman) take them to pieces, cutting the Flower Pot part off the head and sticking it over the body part of Hank, leaving Hank's head showing above the Flower Pot, then put the rest together using one arm of Hank and one arm of Flower Potman. Do likewise with the legs, so that you have a well mixed up figure.

At back of head stick a length of tape about 2\" long. Fix a snap fastener to this, one part at each end of tape. Do the same to one of the "Sooty" figures (which is the force figure in my case). Parts of the figures left over are discarded.

The cloth bags are made from any material (dusters sold in stores are useful for these). Make them about 11" square, each a different colour preferred, decorate with ribbon and sequins if desired. The length of dowel rod required is about 15".

PREPARATION.—The puppets are joined together by press open paper fasteners, close all these up a little on the four that will be displayed, this allows for easy and quick dismantling of the parts when required . Place the faked puppet in back compartment of double bag and the duplicate "Sooty" puppet also, the thin card separates them, remember which side is which, have bags on table, together with all the other props as given.

ROUTINE AND PATTER.—(Moves and explanations in brackets). Now girls and boys, the other day I was reading a book, and I found in it "how to do a trick with some puppets". So I got all the things it said and I'll try to show you the trick as given in the book (here point to two girls and ask if they would like to come up and help, when you have the two helpers on stage give each of them two of the four puppets to hold, face to audience).

You can all see the puppets. Would you please call out their names as I point to them? Yes, Mexican Pete, Sooty, Hank and Flower-pot Man (the children shout out the names, they love shouting). Now I want you all to remember their names, for I am going to take them to bits, and put them in the bag (here pick up ordinary bag, show it empty, then take one of the puppets from the girl and give her the bag to hold).

First we take Hank to pieces and put the parts in the bag. Now Sooty, now Mexican Pete and lastly, the Flower-pot Man (pull the parts away from the fasteners and drop all into the bag.

Fasten down the flap and ask girl to give them a good shake up to mix them. While that is being done pick up fake bag, open it and lay the rod down. Let the flap go inside to hide back compartment and show the bag empty. As you do so, turn to other girl).

Now will you please hold the bag and the rod (here pick up rod and ask her to hold it up by the ends, one end on each hand. You then take bag and with the flap part towards audience, fix the flap over the rod and fasten it down. While doing this however, you get hold of tape of fake puppet's head and put it over rod and fasten it round. This is quite an easy job and can be done without suspicion or fiddling as you put the bag on rod).

Good. Now we are nearly set. Will you stand at this end of stage (take girl holding rod bag to farther end of stage) and will you stand just here (put girl holding ordinary bag a few feet from other side of stage and then pick up the postcards and a pencil).

Now I wonder if you can all remember the names of the puppets 1 put into this bag (here point to the double bag, the children will shout out "they are in the other one"). Oh yes, of course, they are, will you call out the names one by one, so that I can write one name on each card? Now, but not too quick (here the children call out the names and you apparently write them on the cards. Actually you write the same name "Sooty" on each card). Now we will mix the cards up (mix cards up). Now young fellow (point to a boy) will you come up and choose one of these cards, thank you for coming up. Which will you chose? (The boy takes one). Please call out the name so that all can here (he calls out "Sooty").

Splendid, so "Sooty" is the puppet we must try to do the trick with. Now what happens is this. The parts of "Sooty" in this bag (point to wrong bag again, children will shout in the other bag)—the parts of "Sooty" in this bag (point to right bag this time) must be made to pass into the other bag (point) and on his way he joins himself together again (pause) that is, if we all do the trick right (turn to boy and also pick up pop gun).

Now when I say go I want you to fire the gun at the bag (point to first bag) you understand don't you. (You hand boy the gun and j«ust as you give it to him press the trigger and fire it). No, No, not yet, wait until I say go. (Reload gun and hand to boy, but again fire it). Please will you wait until I say go. (Reload and repeat above ad lib, the children will be roaring with laughter, when you



Are you looking for a cheap and easy to make table ? With plenty of room for props ? Yet one which will look attractive ? You are ? Aren't we all! Then read on.

Go to Woolworths and purchase one of those Clothes Horses which you have to put together yourself. I think the cost is about 4/6d. and each clothes horse is composed of four uprights or legs, which are drilled ready to receive crossbars. Six Crossbars are supplied and when assembled, three to each pair of legs, you have two frames ready to be hinged in the form of the familiar clothes drier.

In addition you will need three pieces of plywood, each of a size to rest across the clothes horse when the latter is opened in the form of a 'V', a piece of dowel about one foot long, a length of timber the same dimensions as the clothes horse legs and about the same length, and, finally, one hinge.


think they've had enough put gun down and hand boy the breakaway gun or bang gun).

Here try this one, point it at bag, one, two, three, fire. (The boy fires gun and more laughter from children, performer seems dismayed). Oh dear, nothing seems to be going right, let's have one more try (hand him the cap gun). Now then ready, fire (boy fires again). Everything alright this time).

Good. I bet we have done the trick. (Go over to girl holding double bag, undo bag and lower it down, which leaves the faked puppet hanging down from rod, this brings more laughter from children and performer appears very unhappy). I cannot make this out. Ah, I know, we didn't say the magic word, did we, right, let's have another try. (Take puppet off rod, put bag on rod again at same time fixing the other puppet "Sooty" round the rod by its tape, take mixed up puppet and put in first bag).

Now let's try again and this time we will say the magic word, which is Puppet legs and Lollipops (turn to boy). Will you say the magic word and wave the magic wand over the bag. (Hand the boy the breakaway wand, here again you get plenty of laughter, take back wand, mend it in usual way and hand it back). It's alright now.

Assemble the clothes horse. Then cut the dowel into 12 pieces each approximately one inch long. Attach these small pieces of dowel, two to each crossbar, and equally spaced, so that these twelve pieces protrude a little above the tops of the cross bars. The extra 'leg' which you have purchased is now hinged to the very bottom of one of the outer legs of the horse.

Place the pieces of plywood across the bars of the open horse and mark off the spots where the dowels touch. Drill holes in the plywood to receive these dowels and having pressed the pieces of plywood home, you will have three handy 'shelves'. The spar of wood which you hinged to the foot of one of the legs is now brought down to 'floor-level' position and cut to a size which will allow it to be jammed against the opposite leg, thus ensuring that you have a perfectly rigid table.

A spot of paint and the thing is ready, easily folded and very light to carry.

Try again (more laughter as wand falls, take it and give boy a genuine one).

Now are you all ready. Oh dear, I've forgotten which puppet was chosen ("Sooty", shout the children), of course it was, now when the boy waves the wand over the bag will you all call out the magic word, Puppet legs and Lollipops. Right, ready, go (children shout magic word).

Splendid, I think we must have done it right this time. (Go over and remove the bag, leaving "Sooty" hanging down from the rod). Marvellous, we have done it. So let's give everyone a real good clap. (Collect props from helpers, thank them, and give them a few sweets, etc., as they leave).

The above is merely the bare idea, you can use patter and business to suit your style.

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