When you have a Crazy Trick, One that always seems to stick. Leaves you feeling mighty sick. When you really want to click. If you've fretted, fumed and fussed. Inwardly you've kicked and cussed. Even used some Woofle Dust; Don't give up in wild disgust, Swear you'll do the trick or bust. If you're not successful then, It's up to you to try again.

A magician was convicted for murder and sentenced to be hanged. The judge asked "Have you anything to say?" "Well, your worship, we magicians like to keep our secrets. You might do me a favour and ask the hangman to keep his trap shut".

Advice to Magicians. Never tell how. Be like Dad and keep Mum.

A traveller in women's clothing got mixed up in the "undie World".

One Pub in Wellington won't serve women. I always take my own.

RING-RING—Continued, the last box. Will you be good enough to open it for me?" (to the assistant). "You will? Good. Give me the other boxes. A few laughs can be obtained here as the boxes are transferred from one to the other).

"Yes please, open it up. What have you got inside. A ring? Let's see it. Well, what a daft place to put a ring. It certainly isn't mine. Is it yours? (to assistant) No? Anyone here lost a ring? You have madam? Please take it to the lady. Is it your ring madam ? It is ? Good. Then the lady has her small ring, so please give her a big hand".

This routine is particularly suited to dinner work, but I have used it on variety dates and along with the mystery you do get those much wanted laughs. If you want a final laugh, pick up all the pieces of potato lying on the floor, put them into a bag and hand them to the lady saying "There you are. I'll be up for fish and chips after the show!"

If you are taking a bath this week, come and take mine—it leaks.

Not all grass widows are green.

If you are asked to make a speech at Max's Club Night and you don't know what to talk about, talk about two minutes.

If you are a magician try to dress like one and a gentleman. Pull down the blind.

If that trick gives you trouble and you want perfect presentation be like the hospital nurse, have patience.

All the people in London are not stupid even if the population is dense.

Some Chinese information may be all "wong".

Don't play cards too much, you may eventually go to the pack.

Buy a Canary, they are going Cheep.

Magis may come and Magis may go, but writing paper remains stationery.

June the 21st is the shortest day in New Zealand but in England Sir Gordon Richards is the Shortest Knight.

If you entertain—give your guests plenty to drink. Then you are sure of playing to a "full house".

She has a great sense of rumour.

Definition of a saxaphone—an ill wind that nobody blows good.

Take your dog to see the performing fleas. He'll probably steal the show.

Some skunks are not as objectionable as is made out. It's only aroma.

SCALA SHOW REPORT — Continued from Page 210.

work thimbles and finishes with a production of eight. His opening of walking stick to roulette table was very smart, and his finale of producing an unending stream of coloured counters which continuously appeared at his fingertips from nowhere was simply astounding.

The Great Masoni as Mr. Wong, the Mandarin of Magic, was assisted by "Shan" and did a nicer magic act than we have even seem Him offer. Maybe the Chinese style suits him, for a faultless succession of items included Smoke Vase, 20th. Century Silks, Silk Box and Rabbit to Flipover Box, the vanish of a girl on a couch and subsequent re-appearance in a shown empty cabinet. An intriguing dance by Shan recalled the days when she danced for her life (or livelihood). A Flower and Parasol Production from tubes finished a very pleasing act.

Juan and Avril, the Latin Singers entertained with accordions, to be followed by the broadcasting magician David Berglas. He presented the same act as at Southport, previously reported, and briefly showed Card Tricks, Pocket Picking and a Mental Trick to a very large committee on the stage.

Shan—The Girl with the Amazing Memory, worked the memory feat of recalling a series of objects called out by the audience and written on a blackboard. It is safe to say that never has anyone ever performed this feat with greater accuracy or more difficult tests, and the incredible speed with which she rattled off the entire list at the finish, whilst stiil blindfolded, has to be seen to be believed !

Mireldo, the Sensational French Illusionist, was dressed in a mauve evening suit and cloak, and presented in beautiful style and with easy grace, a succession of splendid illusions which included a Dove Production and subsequent Vanish, a Bow and Arrow Shooting—where the arrow went right through the girl's waist in full view and the attached ribbon was pulled back and forth numerous times to prove the penetration. Very spectacular. Then followed a Head Chest with Dagger Penetration and the Cremation Illusion, which is never shown in England althought I cannot think why. The girl disappears and eventually comes running on from the back of the theatre . Then he worked the Dagger through the arm. to the accompaniment of much blood, the Cauldron Illusion . . . filled with water and a big fire underneath, but subsequently a girl pops out ! The final Sawing a Lady was of the old fashioned version where the two halves are separated, but still excellent entertainment especially considering the small case he used. One of the finest small illusion acts one could ever wish to see and all worked with his wife and daughter.

Albert Burdon closed the bill, and if by any chance the audience had had enough of magic by this time, Albert saw to it that they got no more. Everything he attempted went wrong, and some were sabotaged by the boy assistant from the audience . . . who was openly acknowledged to be a stooge. The fast moving comedy was also developed by two other unnamed characters, one of whom was a dancing type of Teddy Boy and the other one a gormless creature of terrific height. A fine music hall burlesque and a terrific laugh to finish with.

Altogether a very successful show.


Happy to inform you that my party of eighteen persons has already sailed for Paris on the 19th. of October, from Bombay by Polish Ocean Liner "Batory". We are going to open our show in Paris Theatre ETOILE from 15th. of November (Tuesday). I am carrying over twenty tons of equipment, including sets, scenery and costumes. Am taking with me the whole Hindoo Orchestra to give original Indian atmosphere. The show will be called IND-DRA-JAL which, literally, means MAGIC OF INDIA, but I will use it to mean

MAGIC OF THE ORIENT as I have Magic of India, Magic of China and Magic of Egypt in the show.

Hope you will give a mention of this in the forthcoming issue of your "Magic Magazine". I am flying with the rest of the party to Paris on October 27th. by TWA via Bombay.

With kindest regards,

Very sincerely yours,


A ' Vampire' Exclusive from the Private Files of Chanin.

Believe us and we say this sincerely, never was a rope cutting effect more baffling or more impossible. The routine is so simple, that there are literally no tricky twists, ties, joins, snaps, catches or anything you know of.

An entirely 'new idea' gimmick makes it possible to take a piece of rope, and allow a spectator to hold each end. You run your finger along and when someone says stop . . . YOU HAVE THAT POINT MARKED ON THE ROPE FOR IDENTIFICATION.

Anyone can cut the rope . . . and pieces are even cut off. AU you need now is 'OOFLE DUST' . . . and we give you a large supply FREE !


When spectators examine it . . . the telltale mark has disappeared.

No preparation. Do it anywhere, anytime, close-up or stage. A REAL GEM YOU'LL SIMPLY LOVE IT.

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