Enchanted Piggies

A Vampire Exclusive

The effect- in brief is that two piggies in a sty, were stolen by a bad man who took them to his barn and tied them up in his barn by passing a rope through the rings fastened to their necks. (See Fig. 2). The bad man then put a notice up saying 'Pigs For Sale'. When someone came to buy them, they went to the barn to coCfect. To their astonishment the piggies had escaped ! On pulling the rope . . . the rings and ribbons came out through the windows on their own. (Barn is shown both sides—but pigs have gone). The poor farmer had been hunting everywhere for his piggies . . . but suddenly found they had returned to their sty . . . WITHOUT THEIR COLLARS! (Fig. 3).

There is a lot of business with all this, and delightful patter story by the inventor, Jimmy Flowers. Beautifully made and sprayed. Packs flat. Size 12" wide. Complete.


This trick is steadiEy gaining in popularity and that is no small wonder for it is the biggest most colourful and showy apparatus for the money ever offered.

It is a real Fairy Story, for the Fairies were sad because the Flowers in their garden refused to grow. Then a clever fairy crept out at night, swept up the Star-Dust sprinkled that over the seeds . . . and next morning magically the Flowers had appeared. The other Fairies picked the flowers to give her as a present, and carried them in a bowl to her house. Just outside her house they had a bright idea ... to make her the Queen of the Flowers. SUDDENLY THE BOWL TRANSFORMS INTO A CROWN . . . still with the flowers in. Asked if they would like to see the Flower Queen, the children's reply is unanimous . . . and the magician produces her in a magical and mysterious way ! She beautifully finished in full colours and is

stands 22" high. Patter story included.

Everything folds for flat packing and is light in weight. Beautifully made by hand.

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