Embarrassing Rope

By permission of Percy Abbott, U.S.A.

You firstly show a length of rope in the form of a circle, cut and tied in three piece.

Suddenly whilst you are talking, one of the knots vanishes. Then another . . . and then the third disappears mysteriously. YOU ARE LEFT WITH ONLY A PLAIN CIRCLE !

But- no . . . spectators cannot believe their eyes ... for where a moment ago was a circle, now are THREE SINGLE SEPARATE ROPES ! ! This is exactly what you told them you started with.

The fantastic climax comes when the magician really restored the cut pieces . . . for he lets the rope drop and it is seen to be ONE WHOLE PIECE AGAIN !

A Lovely Line of Patter is included and this is one that you will really enjoy doing.



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Dear Max,

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Warmest regards,

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