This apparatus is as different as chalk from cheese to anything eise offered in this line. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT BEFORE YOU WILL BELIEVE THE EXTRAORDINARY INGENUITY INCORPORATED.

You simply reach into your pocket . . . anytime . . . anywhere . . , and produce a Lighted Candle ! Alternatively produce it unlit . . . and it lights automatically whi e you are looking for a match. NO FUSS. NO BOTHER. NO STRIKING. NO FLINTS.

A Terrific Success in Lounge, Club, Bar or Stage.

Simply touch the button underneath . . . and the "Electrolite" Candle lights at once. Can be repeated time after time. The NEW and CLEVER FEATURES only to be found in this model are that you only touch a lever and a I the works drop out in one piece for refilling with fuel. The elements are a special design of our own make, and this is the only candle obtainable where the element is made to suit its particular work. They can be replaced in one minute.

You will have more impromptu fun with "Electrolite" than anything else you've handled for a long time. Sent in a box complete with three spare elements and ready to work.

The Finest Comedy Rope Trick You have ever Seen !

Embarrassing Rope

By permission of Percy Abbott, U.S.A.

You firstly show a length of rope in the form of a circle, cut and tiea in three pieces.

Suddenly whilst you are ta'king, one of the knots vanishes Then another . . . and then the third disappears mysteriously. YOU ARE LEFT WITH ONLY A PLAIN CIRCLE !

But no . . . spectators cannot believe their eyes . . . for where a moment ago was a circle, now are THREE SINGLE SEPARATE ROPES ! ! This is exactly what you to]d them you started with.

The fantastic climax comes when the magician really restores the cut pieces . . . for he lets the rope drop and it is seen to be ONE WHOLE PIECE AGAIN !

A Lovely Line of Patter is included and this is one that you will really enjoy doing.



Fine Quality Spring Goods, Exactly as Supplied

Before the War

These items are especially made for magicians and are essential for all production tricks. They are most realistic painted and easily compress up into a very small space. They look very funny when produced and create roars of laughter.

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