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SWALLOWING A KNIFE : This effect will be known to many readers. Presented correctly it makes an acceptable addition to d.nner table magic. The trick is performed with the performer seated at the table with a serviette across his knees.

METHOD : Place a knife lengthways about two inches from the edge of the table; the blade must point to the performer's left.

Now lay both hands palm downwards over the whole length of the knife with the fingertips overlapping at the centre, base of the palms at each end. Pick up the knife and raise the hands to a vertical position bringing the point of the blade to the lips; the backs of the hands are held outwards hiding the knife completely from view . Now quickly replace the knife back on the table. Feel the lips and remark that the b'ade appears to be very sharp! Again place the two hands over the knife; this time, in the act of picking Tt up, slide the hands along the tablecloth towards the body and a'low the knife to fall on to the lap. Continue the movement of the hands, again raising them up to a vertical position to the mouth and apparently swallow the knife.

Show both palms to be empty and casually drop the hands on to lap, covering the knife. To reproduce the knife, pick it up from the lap, holding it in the same position as before, hidden from the view of the audience. Bring the hands again to an upright position over the mouth and pull the knife upwards with the right hand keeping the left hand stationary over the lips as the knife apparently appears from the mouth.

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The Great VIRGIL'S BAFFLING TRICKS at New Empire Theatre, Calcutta

Report from our Indian Correspondent

A house packed to the ceiling greeted with enthusiastic applause the premiere performance of "The Great Virgil", recognised to be one of America's foremost illusionists today, at New Empire on the night of Monday last, when he opened his breathlessly awaited mystery revue 'Magicana' for a limited season. This, (his and his troupe's first tour of the East) was preceded by an extended tour of New Zealand, Australia and many other places where they earned capacity houses. And, if the first night's performance was any indication, an equally warm public and press acclaim awaits his shows in Calcutta.

As Virgil and his young and energetic leading lady, Julie, went through their elaborate repertoire, the house had the exhilarating feeling of journeying through two-and-a-half-hours of packed and breath-taking mystifying illusions which, item by item, bore the unmistakable stamp of a master who not only knew his job far better than most we usually see in the trade but of one who has put into the job all the impassioned pursuit of a lifetime.

The special charm and appeal of Virgil seemed to lie in the quiet and unostentatious assuredness with which the maestro unloaded his bag of tricks which certainly came thick and fast, justifying his earning the Sphinx Award, regarded as the Nobel Prize of Magic. Elaborate decor, decorative costume and expert lighting only served to heighten the


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