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the hand under the top bar of an open-backed chair. The left hand then takes the end of the cord with the thumb and fingers of that hand concealing the bead (which it will be remembered is about four inches from the top bead of the long cord). Holding an end in each hand the cord is shown to be below the chair bar. The hands are now brought together and lowered to the top of the chair bar with the two ends of the cord almost touching (actually one end of the long cord and the extra piece on the right).

The thumb and the two top fingers of the right hand now take hold of the bead concealed in the left hand and all is now ready for the penetration. The spectator is told to keep his eyes on the two ends of the cord; he may be allowed to hold them if he wishes. As the two hands commence to separate the end of the long cord held in the turned-in fingers of the right hand is alfowed to drop. The hands continue to separate, the right hand at the same time pulling the bead along the cord. When the cord is finally held fully stretched it is seen to have passed through the chair bar. In passing the cord for examination afterwards the extra piece is retained in the right hand.

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