Ehchantid Piggies


It will be quite impossible for me to adequately describe this charming effect, for the apparatus is attractive, the magic so subtle that it can fool magicians, and the patter story written in the inimitable style of the inventor.

A pigsty is shown on the right of the stage and the door opened to show two Pink Piggies sitting inside. They are taken out and the door closed, and they are seen to have ribbons round their necks with rings on so that the Farmer can tie them up. However, on this morning he let them out to play in the yard.

Whilst he was not looking, a bad man passing in a lorry, gave the piggies some carrots, and then stole them away in his lorry. Later on he stopped outside a barn and took the two piggies over to it. (See first photo).

Then he took one piggie and put him inside, pushing his collar ring through the barn window. Having done the same with the second pig, he tied the rings together with rope (See photo 2). Then he put out a big notice 'PICS FOR SALE'.

Meanwhile Farmer Giles had found that Porky and Rufus (these were their names) were missing, and looked everywhere for them.

Next morning the bad man sold the two pigs, but when the customer went to the barn he could not find them anywhere.

When he pulled on the rope, the rings came right throught without any pigs on them

He opened the first door and looked inside THERE WAS NO PIGGIE THERE AT ALL. THEN HE OPENED THE OTHER DOOR . . . AND FOUND NO PIGGIE THERE EITHER !! The performer pushes his hand at the back of the barn, from end to end when looking for the piggies, and the kiddies think he is hiding some thing. When they call out and want to see both doors opened, he does so willingly.

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