The magician invites a spectator to act as jury. A pack is shuffled and another spectator selects a card which is returned to the pack. The Magician then says that by consulting four cards he can tell what card the second spectator selected. He removes four cards and shows them to be the four aces which, he says, are possessed of magical powers. The four aces are placed to one side in, say, a tumbler. The magician runs through the pack and removes one card. "This is my prediction" he says and he then asks the second spectator to reveal the name of his card. As this is being done the magician shows to the first spectator the card which he has removed from the pack. "Was I correct?" he asks and the first spectator, having looked at the card has to agree that the magician was correct.

The card is then returned to the pack which is shuffled. Without any false moves the magician now takes the pack to the second spectator and deals the cards one at a time face up in front of him asking him to stop when he sees his card. The whole pack is eventually exhausted and the chosen card is found to have vanished. The pack is handed to the second spectator to check through for himself. Definitely the chosen card has gone.

Walking back to his table, the magician picks up the four aces and fans them so that the audience can now see that there are five cards, the centre one being reversed. He turns the centre card round so that they can see its face and it proves to be the selected card ! It has vanished from the pack and appeared between the four aces

What the dealers would have said.

No duplicates ... can be done with any pack after slight preparation ... the magician does not approach the four aces after he has shown the "jury" until the final denouement and before picking up the aces he can show his hands absolutely empty . . . indeed, a spectator can be asked to pick up the four aces and fan them and the chosen card will still be there ... not a single card palmed in the whole routine ... no accomplices ... no elaborate sleights.

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