Two or three selected cards rise from an examined goblet. No threads, wires or other gimmick are used in this method.

Secret—Get a goblet of the shape shown in the diagram 'A'. The pack should fit the mouth loosely as in the second diagram 'B", but cards must not have too much room to wobble. You are now ready. From a pack of cards have two or three selected. Have them returned and pass them to the top by your favourite method. Put cards into the goblet and hold it in one hand with face of the cards towards the audience. Jerk the goblet up and down with a slight tilt towards you and the first selected card (on top of pack) will rise smoothly into view. You can make it rise right out of the goblet and fall. Repeat for the other selected cards.

More magic from Tan Hock Chan in the next number.

"Jïlmost in Qonfidenee"


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