It will be observed that all numbers up to eleven start from the left side, (the normal position) while twelve, thirteen and fourteen start from the right side, numbers fifteen and sixteen start from the left side and restart at the left side. Number four is the exception to an otherwise straightforward count in each case, however, there are four courses open to the performer, they are: —

1. Performer states that four in Roman numerals is made up of one and five,—(spell from left side) O.N.E.F. and (restart at left) I.V.E.

2. Performer states that any number up to sixteen was called for and four has been chosen; "Now would someone give any number up to four?" When one is given it is added to four to make five, performer remarking that two numbers have been freely given—if two or three are given these may be either added to four or used to multiply four, whichever is preferred.

3. Performer states that there are three ways of spelling "four!" F.O.U.R. (indicating heaps), or F.O.R.E. (again indicating cards) or

F.O.R.—this brings the desired heap and without hesitation it is removed as the selected one.

4. Turn a deaf ear to the call of four and turning to another section of the audience ask what they said—it will almost certainly bring a reply, or at least give time for other numbers to be called out.

It will be observed that there are no double counts on any one card. The system can easily be noted at the back of the stand for those who do not trust their memory, all that is necessary is the list of numbers with one letter or figure by the side to indicate spelling or counting, those starting from the right could be ringed, and the restarts could be squared for instant recognition.

A Routine for the Miracle Pitcher by R. CARTER

All you need is a plastic or china egg-cup and a Max Andrews Miracle Pitcher.

You ask for the help of a small boy from the audience. When he comes up ask him if he likes Milk or Vinegar as the case may be, some perishers say yes and some say no. But you say that you have a very sick dog called 'Tricks' at home, and you wondered if this (showing jug) might cure him. Of course, you say, I dare not give it to him if it doesn't taste very nice. So would you mind drinking this for me.

Most kids say no to this, but if you have an awkward perisher up who says yes, you just say, I don't think that's wise, as you might get hiccups or something, so I'll pour a drop into the eggcup for you .(Here comes the first part of the swindle). The audience laugh and gasp when they see you pour two pints of liquid into a small egg cup.

You then place the jug on the table and also make sure that the boy cannot see inside the cup. Now ask your assistant to open his mouth wide. (You will get a good laugh here if you just stand and look into his mouth in a puzzled expression). Pretend to pour the liquid into his mouth and then ask him what it was like.

Now here we have to be very careful of what the perisher says. Some say "There wasn't anything there" and some say "I didn't taste anything". You being prepared for this say ,"So really there is no taste to it then" and he will agree. If he says it was alright, well and good. "Right laddie if there is no taste to it/or if it's nice, it will be alright for Tricks so let me have it back will you?"

This in itself is a good laugh and the little innocent by your side looks at you as if you were mad. But you do get it back.

Turn your assistant towards the audience and stand by his left side hiding the jug behind his back. Now pump his left arm up and down quickly and refill the jug with your other hand as given in the instructions. The audience meanwhile are roaring the roof off and the little kid feels quite sorry for himself.

After about 10 seconds you stop pumping and reveal the full jug to the astonished audience. This finally brings the house down and you have performed a trick which lasts five minutes and the audience never forgets it. If you are entertaining adults the Vinegar becomes beer and the Milk is always a good joke for Beer drinkers. I have had this jug for two years and have used it in every show and people come to me afterwards and say "I liked that one with the jug".

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