Educated Pencil

shaking, penci! is removed and made to stand upright on end. No one else can do this even if they copy you exactly ! Can be repeated endlessly. A Real Teaser. A self contained mechanical effect.



A Red Silk and a Blue Silk are pteked up and openly tied together. When the end of one is held and the other allowed to hang down ... on word of command they change places ! Can be repeated at once. The silks can be untied and shown separate at any time. Very smart, mechanical effect. Nohhing to palm or get rid oi.

PRICE l5/_

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Edward Victor was born in the Charing Cross Hotel, London. His father was then the manager and retired after fifty-two years of service in the establishment.

Victor's ear!y magical years were devoted to private entertainments, concerts, children's shows and masonics, all of which were p'enti-fuI in those days. After a long engagement at Maskefyne and Devants, St. Georges Hall, he became a professional magician on the Music Hails. Many long tours fol'owed, not-abiy with Florrie Forde, a grand lady whose first thoughts were always of her artistes, Julius Darewski, the first band leader on the halls, Ceorge Robey, generous and kind, Layton and Johnson, who always played to packed houses, Sandy Powell with his delightful sketches, Arthur Lucan, a great family favourite and three long panto seasons with Francis Laidler who produces a pantomime as no one else can. Shadowgraphy has been Edward Victor's special feature of recent years; the secret of his success in this line has been his ability to keep his material up- to-date. Regarding magic, E.V. keeps his hands in good practice and gives a magical show whenever possible. For the last three years he has been appearing with the Peter Brough road show "Educating Archie" playing all the leading No. 1 theatres. Edward Victor is a life-member of the London Magic Circle, President of the Merlin Magical Society (Enfiefd) and a vice-president of numerous other magical clubs.




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