Eddie Joseph

Like a story from a book of Eastern Legends, has grown the tale of this fabulous man. Travellers to India have returned with different accounts of having met him—but like the Indian Rope Trick—there are people who claim to have seen it, but can you believe them?

Percy Abbott, the famous American Magic Dealer has for years been putting on the market Tricks, Routines, Books, written by Eddie Joseph, and we ourselves have been privileged in the past to have been able to acquire the much sought after rights to republish some of his works in England.

At one time however, so little was it deemed possible that one human brain could conceive and write all the real miracles which are credited to Eddie Joseph, that certain American dealers decided that he was actually a myth, a figment of Abbott's imagination, used only as a screen for the advertising of various works !

Old friends from India chat on new magic.

What manner of man is he, who from the remote fastness of a corner of India, can set out to teach the whole world how to do Magic? And when we say magic we mean Magic—with a capital M. Not just routines and twists, but original stuff, brilliant tricks, unorthodox ideas that have created new conceptions of what can be achieved in the world of entertaining. The limitless variety

Eddie shows us his particular routine for the Rising Wand Trick.

of themes is not the least interesting, for most writers and inventors specialise in a certain branch of magic, but these scintillating teachings which issue from the Joseph pen are so diversified, that for a man who has never travelled outside his native country, he must have a unique brain and an outlook on magic different from most.

Now I would like to let you into a secret . . . I've met him, talked to him, shaken him by the hand, and so I now know he's real ! So will hundreds of Americans, by the time you read this, for Eddie Joseph, accompanied by his charming wife Sarah, and daughter Hazel, passed through London on their way to

Mr. Victor FarelEi dropped in to the Studio, and here he is seen with Eddie, watching our Mi£k Pitcher.

America, where they had been engaged to appear at Percy Abbott's last Get-Together at Colon on August 20th.

Have you ever tried to foad spring goods into a production box without first having tied them down P You have as much chance of keeping Eddie still on a chair for more than a few seconds at a time! He has a volatile personality, which is a true reflection of his mind, and when you first meet him you soon realise that it is far easier to stay quiet and let him talk. Naturally he was very excited in visiting at long last the hereditary home of We stern Magic. Never before had he been into a Magic Shop, or visited places where magicians meet on such a large scale as they do in London. I know of eight magic clubs in the Greater London alone.

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