Eddie Joseph An Experiment In Foremonition

This is a complete short act with nothing required except a pack of cards and two spectators.

You start by writing two messages and hand them out. Spectators take the pack and each make their own selection of a card . . . yet you have foretold it.

On a freely selected card the performer writes the name of another card, yet after mixing and cutting the spectator deals from both packs, the chosen and named cards turn up together !

Another routine is a delineation of a line selected in a magazine.

There are FIVE EFFECTS in all, and each seems to be more baffling than the last, finishing with the performer taking matching cards from the pack whilst blindfolded.

Beautifully routined, and complete in the two colour folder of the "Sensational Subtlety" Series.

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Straight from U.S.A.


Complete guide and handbook to the biggest thing in show business : T.V.

Information for everyone, including suggested tricks, a series of programmes, how to sell the show, where to get jobs, make-up, dress, salaries, inside stories on commercial T.V., details on what has been done, unions, etc.

All the answers, furnished by Jay Marshall and a host of experts.

Fun to read—informative—enlightening— provocative—challenging !

A printed book. Many photographs. Only a few copies available, so rush your order.



Your assistant enters or is seen holding a tray on which reposes an up-to-date model Table Radio You cover it with a foulard and carry forward to the footlights, whilst assistant places tray on your table.

On command . . . you whip away the silk . . . and believe it or believe it not . . . there is no radio there, but only another tray on which rests a 12" vase of flowers and a cup of tea ! !

All the questions which readily spring to the mind of the astute magi we can readily answer. The first tray is only 1 inch thick . . . the second tray is only thick.

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