This is a very useful piece of apparatus, very simple in construction and working. It should appeal particularly to those who do not always wish to employ sleight of hand, and it has the advantage of being useful for either close-up or stage work.

The magician borrows a treasury note or forces a playing card. An empty envelope is shown and the borrowed article is inserted by the spectator. The envelope is sealed and placed in the clip on the front of the frame. The performer draws attention to any other apparatus which may constitute part of the routine. Then he picks up the frame and casually shows the back, which is quite ordinary.

T.he envelope is removed and destroyed or otherwise vanished. The borrowed article is then found to be restored in any other form at the dictation of the performer and handed out again for verification,

This is just a bald idea of the many uses to which this frame could be put, and the ingenious magician will no doubt quickly see its possibilities.

The i I lustrations will give a very good idea of the working which depends on the black art principle. The Easel is made from three ply wood covered with black velvet. A strip of light coloured beading runs along the bottom edge.

Just below the centre line of the face of the frame is a small piece of bent spring to make a clip to hold the envelope.

Exactly half way up the Easel is hinged a piece of tin extending to the top, and this

has a small turned over edge which goes over the top of the Easel. When this flap is down the turned edge rests on the top edge of the light beading at the base. Needless to say the inside of the fjap must also be lined with black velvet.

On the inside of the flap is a clip in the exact duplicate position of the other so that another envelope can be held in a similar position. It should now be apparent that the only move necessary to allow the flap to fall in the act of momentarily turning the frame round to show the back.

A small catch at the top of the Easel under the handle will prevent the flap dropping down prematurely, but it should be very simple so that it can be easily released with one hand whilst holding the handle.

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