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Display the handkerchief holding it by the upper opposite ends. Show it on both sides by crossing your arms. Next drape the handkerchief over the right hand, the centre of the handkerchief going directly over the right thumb.

Left hand approaches right covered hand and removes the hankerchief, at the same time, turns over as it closed into a fist.

This move automatically transfers the thumb tip, from the right to the left hand.

Now poke alternately your first and second fingers, apparently making a well in the handkerchief. From now on, go on as the routine, pushing your lit cigarette into the well (tip) stealing the gimmick and removing the handkerchief to cause the vanish of the cigarette.

[Some long time ago this gentleman wrote to me claiming that he could do all this, and I asked him for proof, or printed reports, etc. Not being a professional, naturally this type of evidence is hard to come by. However, here is a picture of him with the nest of balls.

Can any of our other readers equal this, or perhaps beat it ? We should like to know.—Ed.]


We feel an acute sense of loss in the passing on Friday, 15th. April, of Nicky Quinn, of Inverness. Though Nick had only been with us, as a magician, for a few years, he rapidly made many friends and was greatly esteemed both in this country and in his native Scotland. His enthusiasm for Magic was tremendous, but, sad to re'ate, his fa!ling health over the last two years had greatly impeded his activities. We shall sadly miss him at the coming Convention of the British Ring, at which function he was gradually becoming a "regular" and our sympathies go out to his widow and fami.y.


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