EFFECT : A small red silk is shown and placed in a small beaker. This is inverted and completely submerged in a glass of water. After a spell in the water the beaker is taken out, the handkerchief taken from inside it and believe it or not it is completely dry.

Required: One large plain glass tumbler, one small beaker which will go right inside the tumbler as shown in the diagram. These are obtainable at Woolworths. If one can't be bought a small jelly mould of the same shape will do. One metal tray to stand tumbler on and one 12" red silk. (The tray is merely to catch any spilt water).

Performance: The tumbler is shown filled to the brim with water. It is stood on the tray. The red silk is pressed firmly into the bottom of the beaker so that it will not drop out when the beaker is inverted. It should be pushed well down.

The beaker is placed face down in the tumbler as shown. In a short time it is pulled out still mouth down and the silk shaken from it. The silk will be perfectly dry because the water cannot enter the beaker if it is mouth down. This principle of the diving bell when disguised in the

simple form of trickery outlined above baffles everyone, especially the ladies. Patter is easy to make up.

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