Drat That

Here's an idea I got after reading Max's trick of catching a selected card on a tennis racket. This appears on page 13 in the first issue of the Magic Magazine.

The magician is about to show the audience an absolutely amazing effect, when he appears to be aggravated by a fly buzzing round his head! He tries unsuccessfully to grab it with his hand, but gives up and does his best to ignore it. The fly, however, seems to sense it is being ignored, and continues to annoy its victim. Finally the Wonder-worker can stand it no longer, and asking the audience to excuse him for a moment, he creeps backs to his table and picks up an o'd fashioned "Fly Swatfer" (You remember them, surely, those things we had before the days of D.D.T.). The wizard carefully watches the fly, and then suddenly swipes, in the air, with the "Swatter".

"I've finished him now" says the miracle man, pointing to the "Swatter". And there in the middle of the mesh is a gigantic fly!

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