Dowel Dollies


This intriguing series of articles has been specially written for "Magic Magazine". We hope readers wKI take full advantage of the simplicity of making these items and use them, at feast on occasions, as the author suggests.

control bar, and held and worked with either hand. They give much amusement and if you are a reader of this Magazine and would like to make some for giving to deserving children, or for entertaining, follow my articles in future issue.

First you will wonder about the cost. Well at the most a carton model can be made for 2/6 and a number can be produced for half that price, not counting the tools of course.

The materials, tools, etc., needed are as set out below, and in addition a cutting jig has to be made to cut parts for arms and legs as this will enable you to do it quickly and accurately.

Materials Required.—Roll of y tape, 10 small screw eyes, 8 larger eyes, a 2" cup hook, 4d. skein No. 18 Carpet thread, 2d. of Y' veneer pins, undercoat paint, 1/6 size Biack Japlac, ditto Buttercup Japlac, 10 ft. y x y stripwood, baseboard for jig 6" x 3" x y t a postcard or sheet of thin sheet plastic Tools required: Cluepot, tenon saw, small tack hammer, foot rule, thin gimlet, screwdriver, pliers.

How do folks—introducing myself—one of the family of "Dowel Dollies"—sometimes called "Matchstick Men", invented by a member of the I.B.M. for the amusement of sick children in hospital.

Each month, the editor of Magic Magazine is allowing me to show you good readers how to make "Matchstick Men" from tins, cartons, boxes and even newspapers!

These "Matchstick Men' are freak string puppets, made simply and at low cost, by using lengths of flat strip wood for arms and legs and tins, boxes etc., for the bodies. They are controlled by hanging threads, from a simple

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