Dowel Dollies


This is the third and last of three articles specially written for "Magic Magazine'1

STRINGING—Now we come to the most important part of this article Bad stringing can ruin a successful act so please concentrate on this section especially.

Hang up control by hook K. Take No. 18 carpet thread, and tie one end on the eye at end of A. Cut off about 3ft. and tie other end on left hand top eye on your kettle. Do the same with a thread on the other end of A, and the right hand top eye on kettle. Kettle should now be hanging by two eyes on strip A, with spout facing you. Make sure that control and kettle are parallel with each other, otherwise the puppet will hang and perform cockeyed!

Hook one arm on to top left eye on kettle and close up the eye with pliers. Do the same with the other arm on the right eye on kettle and close that up with pliers. Hook one leg on to the left hand bottom eye on the kettle and the other leg on to right hand bottom eye on kettle and close up.

A long length of thread should be run through the right hand screw eye at end of B, aiong strip B, through left hand eye (o""her end of B) and down to screw eye on top of left hand knee and secure. Cut the thread off so that when other end is tied above right hand knee, the strings are just taut.

Another long thread is now run through the eye at front of control and down to left hand screw eye and tied. The other end is tied

to other hand screw eye. Another length of thread is tied at the back end of C and down to kettle where the handle joins the body.

The complete job should now appear as Fig. 13. To make kettle perform hold control in hand, so that feet just touch the floor.

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