Dotty Dyeing byTREvmi

The following idea is a bit cheeky but I fancy the effect would be quite surprising, so here goes.

The performer remarks on the properties of a wonderful new dye that he has just invented. With it he says he can dye spots on to things! The dye must, he continues, be contained in his special spotted container— here he shows a glass tumbler with spots all over it. A piece of newspaper and a plain white handkerchief are now shown. He proposes to 'dye' the hanky with spots, the piece of newspaper is used in order to cover up the secret dyeing process!

The glass is then filled with the special dye (really just water). The glass is set down and covered with the hanky, over this goes a piece of newspaper. The incantation is muttered and the newspaper broken open, from this is drawn the hanky all covered with spots! The newspaper is screwed up and thrown away, and anti climax—what has happened? Why, the spots which were on the glass have disappeared ! !

Two preparations are necessary in order to work the trick. 1. The piece of newspaper is the well known double sheet, containing inside a spotted handkerchief. 2. The spots on the glass are really painted on a covering of thin cellophane around the glass.

The trick is carried out as per effect. When the newspaper is screwed up however, the cellophane around the glass must be broken and screwed up with the rest of the newspaper together with the original hanky. Obviously when the newspaper is broken open only the top layer is pierced and the spotted hanky withdrawn.

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