Dinner Table Magic


Tricks performed at a dinner table party are perhaps one of the best forms of impromptu magic; they invariably interest the guests and certainly add to the prestige of the magician performing them. It is my intention in these columns to ennumerate a few effective problems requiring little or no preparation beforehand. The main articles found on a dinner table which lend themselves to this type of magic can be listed as follows: Knives, forks, glasses, salt, plates, sugar, cigarettes to follow (and at a swell banquet) perhaps cigars! Taking them in that order we commence with knives.

THE MACNETiZED KNIFE. In this effect a table knife mysteriously adheres to the fingers. A little gimmick attached to the lining of the left hand coat sleeve is employed (the invention accredited I believe to the late Mr. Jardine Ellis). A piece of round elastic about eight inches in length will be required together with a piece of thin nylon gut (as so'd for threading pearls Crc).

This is twenty-four inches long and is tied into a twelve inch loop. One end of the elastic is then tied round this loop and a safety pin fixed to the opposite end as illustrated in the figure.

The safety pin is attached to the inner side of the lining of the left sleeve a little below the armpit. It should be adjusted so that the bottom loop of the gut is about an inch above the coat cuff. If a small safety pin is passed through the loop and fixed in position inside the cuff it will enable the performer to find the loop without any hesitation.

TO PERFORM : The right hand secretly pulls the loop downwards and secures it under the tip of the nail of the left hand middle finger, the gut lying along the finger and palm. The back of the hand is held outwards with the fingers outstretched.

(NOTE : To reíease the gut from the nail at the conclusion of the trick the fingers are bent inwards; this action automatically releases the loop from the fingernail and the gut is drawn by the elastic up the sleeve).

With the gut in position under the nail the knife is picked up in the right hand and the blade is passed between the loop of gut and the fingers of the left hand as it is held palm downwards over the table. The fingers are then separated, the gut being concealed behind the middle finger. To conclude, the fingers are bent inwards and grasp the knife ai the same time.

This releases the gut and the knife is handed for inspection.

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