Diminishing Cards



Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to tell you about a very persistent salesman. I met him a few days ago and when he discovered that I was a magician he insisted that I should buy a pack of cards.

When I told him I didn't have much money to spare he said "My cards are not expensive. Only three shillings a pack". But I assured him that I did not have three shillings to spend.

"WeTf," said he "if you can afford l/6d, I can give you half the value".

I explained that 26 cards would not be of much use. Then he told me that I had the wrong idea. He wasn't going to half the NUMBER but the SIZE of the cards and proceeded to do so like this. Here, of course, you make the moves as explained in the instruction sheet, taking out the sample card, etc.

"Still too expensive," I said.

"Ah!" said the salesman, you must want the ninepenny size", and squeezed the cards untif they were this size. (Do so as per instructions).

"Look here," I said 'I haven't got nine-pence".

"Well, how abour the 4}d. size", and once again he squeezed the cards: until they were this size.

"You can surely afford 2^-d., for which sum you can have a pack this size". Once again he gave the cards a squeeze and sure enough they were smaller.

"No", I said "I can't afford even 2^d." By now the salesman was most annoyed and said to me "How much money do you have?"

"I have no money at all", I told him.

"Well", said he "all you can have for nothing is rhis" and when he opened his hand there were no cards at all. And I had to agree that this was fair exchange for nothing.


A question every magician is asked very often is "How long does it take you to learn a!! this magic stuff?" So tonight I would like to illustrate with the aid of this pack of cards, just how long it does take to learn the 'magic stuff.

One thing I always longed ro do was to vanish a number of playing cards." So I had lessons and read instructions on how to vanish cards, but, I discovered, it was not a simple matter by any means.

It took me six months to get a full size card to this size, (Here you squeeze the cards to half size) but even six months wasn't too long for I was making headway, as you can all see. (Here you compare sizes, etc.)

At the end of one year I had got to this stage. (Squeeze cards again) which was quite reasonable for remember, when I started the cards were this size. (Compare sizes, etc).

After eighteen months I could get them to this size (Squeeze) which is a vast improvement, you will agree. (Compare).

At the two year stage I could get them to this size (Squeeze) and when I remembered the size they were to start (Compare) I was delighted with my progress.

But it took me a further year to get to this stage. (Show that cards have vanished) —and this, of course, was the stage I wanted to get to.

So you can see, Ladies and Gentlemen, that to do a simple thing like vanish a card requires three years practice.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

Very many thanks for your kindness in publishing—in the January issue of your magazine—my open letter to Milbourne Christopher concerning Claudius Odin. (Page 280).

You will be pleased to hear that the Odin Appeal has been most successful, and that no fewer than twelve magical societies, in France, England, America, Sweden and Spain, have already sent generous contributions to the organiser of the fund, Monsieur Maurice Sardina, author of "Where Houdini Was Wrong", "The Magic of Rezvani" and other worth-while books. Donations have also been received from magicians in England, Scotland and Denmark.

Strange as it may appear, nothing has been obtained in Ireland.

Mr. Wm. G. Stickland, on behalf of "The British Ring", is also collecting money for Odin (See the December and January issues of "The Budget")

His address is: "The Wand", Ferndown, Dorset, and he will be pleased to receive contributions and send them, in due course, to Monsieur Sardina.

Again thanking you for what you have done for Claudius Odin, and with all good wishes.

Yours very sincerely,

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