Place the three balls on a table (which should be covered with a cloth) in front of you, about 12 inches apart, and after you have satisfied your audience that you have nothing concealed in your hands and that the bowls are genuine in every way, place them on the table just behind the balls. The whole secret of performing the trick successfully depends on the following movements, which, it must be remembered, are exactly the same for each bowl and ball.

Place the first and second fingers of the right hand inside No. 1 bowl, the ends of the fingers being about 1 inch apart, and gripping it on the outside with the thumb as illustrated in Fig. 2). Then lift the bowl up with a half-circular movement of the hand; the bowl will now be upside down, ready to place on top of ball No. 1. The object of having the first and second fingers inside the bowl and slightly apart, is that when the bowl is placed over the ball, the ends of the fingers are free to grip the ball (as illustrated in Fig. 3), and so by a perfectly natural movement of taking the hand away, the ball is retained between the fingers, and as the back of the first and second fingers grip the ball, it is necessary to turn the hand over smartly as soon as it is withdrawn from the bowl, at the same time bending the fingers up with the ball into the palm of the hand.

Now, remember, the whole movement from starting with placing the fingers inside the bowl to withdrawing them and bending them up is done without a pause; it need not be done quickly, but perfectly naturally, the effect being, that you have picked the bowl up and just placed it over the ball; but, of course, you have succeeded in placing the ball in the palm of your hand without your audience noticing it.

The next movement is to place the ball which is in the palm of your hand into bowl and the ball on top of ball No. 2. Your audience now naturally think there is one ball under the bowl No. 2 and one under bowl No. 1, whereas there is nothing under bowl No. 1 and two under bowl No. 2. Perhaps the above movement of placing the ball which is in your hand into bowl No. 2 calls for a little more explanation. This is done by a perfectly natural movement of the hand to pick up the bowl, all the fingers being extended into the bowl and the thumb outside the bowl, and, of

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