Dealing With The Correct Column

Illustrations for "OUTOF THIS WORLD" unavoidably held over from January issue.

discarded 'spring' from a lady's corset being the ideal thing, if you save such things!! Failing that, a strip of celluloid about f" or f" wide and in length about the width of the pocket from front to back.

Turn the coat pocket inside out and flatten it out against the coat. It will be found to be approximately 6" square, and you will need to cut your material in the form of a rectangle; 6" x 4". In other words, the full'width:of the pocket, and about two thirds of; its height. Sew a neat hem into one of the six iritib sides of the material and insert the flat spring or flexible celluloid. Gut this strip: about 5" long, so that it is about one half?rnch inside the hem at both ends. !

Now lay the rectangle of material, hem at the top, on the coat pocket, which should be stil.i turned inside out, and carefully sew rhe two sides and the bottom to the existing pocket. This part will have to be done by hand and only the very edges of the pockets are used in stitching. Turn the pocket right side in again, and put the coat on.

With a little practice you will find it is easy to place the hand into either partition. As ihe hand goes into the pocket, finger ends first, by pressing the finger tips to the body, the hand will enter the inside partition, and by pressing the BACKS of the finger tips to the lip of the pocket, the hand will be guided to the outer partition.

If used for switching decks, I recom-mind that the planted pack be placed in the OUTER portion beforehand . When the time comes for the pack you are using to be placed in the pocket, the pack lies horizontally across the finger tips, which, in going into the pocket, press towards the body. The ditched pack thus goes into that position. Later, the empty hand is brought to the pocket, and the backs of the finger tips press against the lip of the pocket and enter the outer compartment. Keeping the fingers extended, it will be found easy to run them between the pack and the outer part of the coat, then to go under the pack and bring it forth. With a little practice, the complete switch, one pack in and the other out, can be made in a matter of seconds and there is no fear that one pack will, come into contact with the other.

While you are at it, I would recommend that you deaf with both outside pockets of the coat, and I assure you you will not regret the small amount of time and trouble taken. Apart from the switching of a pack, the double pocket has many other uses. Small articles, such as coins, can be kept apart, and prevented from rattling in the pocket. It is particularly useful in spongeball routines where different coloured balls are used and need to be kept separate. A silk may be pulled from one compartment, without any fear of yanking out any other small objects prematurely, simply because they are in the other compartment. A coin or disc may be ditched into one compartment without any fear of its striking against one already hidden, and, with practice you will become proficient in dropping an article into either compartment, at will. The uses and advantages of this double side pocket are endless, even in mental work, where pencils of different qualities may be switched a la the pack switch mentioned above, billets may be placed in momentarily and retaken (?)

from the pocket, effecting the necessary switch.

If you try the idea out and you come across any special uses for the Double Side Pocket, I should be glad to know. At any rate, I hope you will, in future, Watch Your Pockets!

One reader took the trouble to write and thank me for the little rope effect I published in the December issue, and in replying, I mentioned that, seeing he was so fond of rope effects, he had to look out for another one from me in the February issue. I hope he will forgive me for its non-appearance here, but I should have said "the March issue". I hope to include it next time.

Yours magically,

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