Dancing Kettle Routine

In presenting the Dancing Kettle, the first point to concentrate on is perfect control of kettle. Routine as set out below can be added to or reduced to suit performer.

Kettle is hung by hook on second finger of either hand with all the hand above control gear. Spread fingers over control bars so that you can tip or turn same all ways. Hold control gear horizontal with kettle facing audience Tip forwards kettle bows. Tip backwards— kettle tips spout into the air and legs swing out to do the polka—hands drop naturally. Tip on to left or right leg and jog up and down to make dance on either leg. Lift control gear up and down a few inches to dance kettle. Hold kettle steady on legs and by swinging control and sagging legs—kettle will wiggle, woggle. Pull arm or leg string or together with fingers of other hand to make kettle wave leg or arm to audience.

ROUTINE.—Prepare a piece of plywood with imitation gas taps hanging down front to represent a gas stove. Place gas stove board on table or stage with taps facing audience and sit kettle on front of board with legs over front or on board.

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