Dadpy Bear Carp Overlaps Other Two Cards In Stand

At the start, the three bears are down inside the hollow stand and the curtains are open. After beginning the story, pretend to forget it and get a little girl up to assist you. As you are aware, the story goes that Goldilocks tried the beds, the porridge, the chairs, etc. Finally, she decided to go back to the bedroom and have a good sleep. She had magical powers and she made up her mind to vanish if the three bears arrived on the scene.

The action of the trick goes like this: Show Goldilocks and then place her on the stand in the centre on top of the other unseen cards. Close the curtain and proceed with the story. Get your little volunteer to remind you. Quite a nice bit of comedy can be had if, every time the child mentions Goldilocks, you pick the Goldilocks-card from behind the curtain and show it to the audience. On several occasions you forget to do this. Dash over to the stand and pull out Goldilocks. Unseen, you turn up one of the Bears each time you replace Goldilocks.

The Bear cards should be brought up in this order—the two outside ones and finally the centre one.

The last time you replace Goldilocks, put her in the clip at the rear of the stand where she cannot be seen. The story is then completed. You open the curtain and show the Three Bears. Give the applause to your little assistant.

(With a duplicate card of Goldilocks, it would, of course, be possible to extend the trick and discover her safe and sound in the girl's possession—on her back, by means of a tiny hook; or somewhere near her—Editor).

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