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In response to our request for data surrounding his magical life Cyro sent along to us a copy of a 'local' magazine, which contains a two-and-a-half-page report of his activities going back as far as 1914 and covering the years between then and now.

His real name, we are told, is Cyril Brighton, and for well over 25 years he has performed before public audiences all over Britain, and he is a special favourite with Yorkshire children. His interest in Magic and entertainment generally was fostered at a very early age, 9 to be exact, when he became a 'call-boy' at the Wakefield Empire, and later was promoted to Lime Boy, (directing the spot lights, in those days, on either side of the theatre) and then to 'props' man.

These years of theatre work brought him into contact with many notables, including Chung Ling Soo, The Great Raymond, Carl Hertz, David Devant, Horace Coldin and Harry Houdini. This year, coinciding with the showing of the Life of Houdini film, Cyro performed the Sealed Prediction Test exactly as performed by Houdini 40 years previously.

His actual study of magic dates from the night when he had been assisting David Devant with his "Eggs from the Hat Trick". Devant noticed his keenness and quick response and gave him a small book on magic. Cyro recalls going home that night in a dream, and eating his supper with the book propped open in front of him. From then on he spent every spare moment reading and practising Magic.

His first public performance was given at The Institution for Boys from Scattered Homes, and though he was very nervous, his success gave him great confidence and the determination to carry on. During the 191418 War he teamed up with "John Henry", the wireless comedian of those days, when the only broadcasting station was 2LO, and, together, they entertained thousands of wounded soldiers in the Wakefield area.

In 1918, Cyro and two other boys about his own age, joined a small gymnasium class near Wakefield Market and there they were taught the tricks of the Circus Ring, including tumbling and trapeze work, by an old circus

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