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Crochet was born July 28th, 1909, as the son of a merchant belonging to a weil-known firm at Rotterdam and was educated with the intention to succeed his father in his business. After having passed some years behind a desk in his father's office he could not bear this monotonous life any longer, and at rhe age of 15 after many a quarrel with his parents, he finally got the permission to start a more adventurous life on board a steamer to America but after two trips to the U.S.A. this life did not attract him any more.

He always rook a fancy to organizing cinema performances and puppet shows in his father's house when he was a boy, for the real stage greatly attracted him in those days and his love for it has lasted ever since he became acquainted with some professional acrors. He soon started his stage-career as an actor in musical comedies and revues and was at the same time an amateur-conjurer. His career in Magic began 26 years ago when he became professional.

At first appearances were but small performances, with a few stage properties, but gradually his achievement improved and today he is quite definitely in the front rank and his performance is the biggest magic show in Holland. It contains many striking scenes, for instance: rhe Bar-scene, the Dutch Scene, and his unique "Flowershow". This show' gives an overwhelming picture, rhe stage being transformed into beautiful garden of flowers, which is an enchanting sight indeed and one that has greatly attributed to his success as a showman. It never seems to lose its charm.

A few years before the war he began to apply himself to illusions, as for instance those he put into the act in his Dutch-scene, and most of these were invented by himself.

I first met Crochet personally at Amsterdam in 1946, and we have been on the best of terms ever since. His name and achievements are well known in Holland as well as in

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