Creating Atmosphere

A decided advantage derived from the use of "Pocket Tricks" is the free advertisement received at the hands of friends and acquaintances. The impression you leave by the performance of a pocket trick gives them something to talk about.

It is wise to prepare your audience for the reception of a pocket trick, which to them must appear to be apparently impromptu. It is rather disturbing to interrupt the conversation suddenly by saying, "Have you seen this one"? Rather would it be a better plan to bring up the subject of Magic by the old expedient of recounting the wonderful tricks which were performed by the man 'who sat opposite me in the train.' "One of the best Tricks he did " you say, "was with a match-box. I'll show you what happened." This is always a good introduction for a pocket trick, and if you have made your remarks in a convincing manner your actions will be watched with increasing interest. Some effects call for special treatment, and need a slightly mysterious attitude to impress the spectator. Quite a number of tricks deserve 'putting over' in a convivial manner. Whichever type of presentation is decided on, make sure that it is in keeping with the effect. A 'Mental' effect, as a rule should be presented in a serious manner in order to create the right type of atmosphere.

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