Crazy Tray

The comedy performer is always on the lookout for a good comedy opener.

Well here is one, and you can work up as many routines as you care to suit your style.

All you require is a tray about 1.8" x 12", complete with a beading round the edges. Cut out the centre of the tray, say from about an inch in from the border all the way round.

Take this piece and cut it down the middle, then hinge each piece back into position, hingeing at the ends. Now make a long wire catch, fix this to the hinged piece to your right, the wire extending right underneath the tray and into a couple of staples which are attached to the other hinged piece. When the wire is pushed home the two "traps" wiil remain in an upright position. As soon as you pull the wire with your right fingers, the two hinged pieces will drop apart!

The comedy from this can be easily assessed. Place a few gaily coloured tins or what have you on the tray. Walk on to centre stage with your tray and explain that you are to vanish the whole she-bang. Place a handkerchief over the lot, say the magic words, whip off the hank, and there . . . the blinkin' things are still there! The second time you cover them, merely pull the wire and ff by JOHNNY GEDDES

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