Crazy Comedy Card Effect

With two spectators up to help you, have them seated one on each side of the stage. Approaching one spectator, you show him the face of a single card which you hold in your hand, being careful not to let the other spectator see it for the moment. Ask the first spectator to kindly remember the card.

Now walk over to the other spectator and show him the same card, asking him to remember it also. That done, you take up a window envelope and insert the card, immediately sealing the envelope and turning it round so that the back of the card can be seen through the window. Set it upright on the table.

Re-cap on what has happened, then turning to the first spectator, ask him what the name of the card is that he is trying hard to remember, at the same time pointing to the envelope. When he names his card, assure him that he is quite wrong. "That card is not the one in the envelope. Indeed the card you are thinking of is at this very moment reposing on your back". Ask him to rise and turn round, and sure enough, there, hanging on his back is the very card he is thinking of.

Now ask the second spectator to name his card, and when he does so you say "Well I hate to contradict you sir, but that very card is here in my coat pocket" and sure enough you produce the very card from your pocket.

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Now comes the question as to what is really in the envelope. The performer tears off the end of the envelope and tips out—THE JOKER.

The requirements are: Any double faced card, and two single faced cards to match. One of the single faced cards has a small pin hook attached and this is hung on the back of a chair, which, for the purpose can be draped with an ornamental cloth. The card hangs just below the top rail. The other card is placed in your side coat pocket.

The window envelope needs a little preparation. Having cut a small panel out of one side of the envelope (the 'window') you will need another similar envelope. This is trimmed all round with scissors so that the back and front part company, and one piece (the back) is retained. Insert this into the window envelope, but before doing so smear about one half inch of one end with gum. so that, when inserted that portion will stick to the back of the envelope.

This gives you two partitions, and into the 'window' section place a Joker card, with its back to the window. Place this handy on the table, and you are all set.

With the two spectators seated, pick up the double faced card and approaching the gentleman on the chair which has the hidden card, show him one face of the card you have in hand which matches the planted one. Keep the card near to your body so that the second spectator doesn't catch a glimpse of the other face, and having the assurance of the first spectator, that he is remembering the card, turn to go to the second spectator, at the same time momentarily dropping the hand and reversing the card. He remembers the second face although you should merely give the impression that you are having two spectators remember one card.

Insert the card in the window envelope, placing it in the back section and seal it up, immediately turning the envelope round to show the window. Ask the first spectator to name his card and when you have assured him that that is not

GYRO'S CRAZY CARD — Continued.

the card you inserted in the envelope, quietly reach behind his shoulder and hook the card from the chair drape on to his back. You can conveniently stand over him with one hand resting casually (?) on his chair back during the ensuing conversation, and when he does stand and turn round, the card he is thinking of will be seen hanging from his back.

Turning to spectator number two and being told the name of his card, you eventually reach into your pocket and produce the card which had reposed there all the time ! Finally, in tearing off the end of the envelope, you merely tear off about one quarter of an inch (remember, you had glued the end of the partition piece for about half an inch) and this enables you to tip out the joker from the window side of the envelope—you can allow the audience to see the card passing across the window—and leave the double faced card trapped in the otherwise sealed envelope.

This is another grand little item, having both comedy and not a litt'e mystery and you are well advised to try it out. For stage work, obviously, it will be better made up in Jumbo Cards. Max will no doubt supply you with the two single cards to match a double faced one and a Joker, a cheap enough trick in all conscience.

MEET JUNE — (Continued from Page 227)

In Rome after her performance at the Lucciola nightclub, a little fat man was introduced into her dressing room. He expressed an interest in magic and apparently was no stranger to some of the tricks. June has a device to find out amateur magician's names. She says "What name do you work under" and usually by this ruse gets both the real and stage name of the visitor. On this occasion she was nonplussed when he answered "Farouk".

Adding mice into her act some time back, she was amazed to find that, contrary to expectation, they were greeted with wild approval in nightclubs and not a screaming exit of the female customers. The same five mice have now travelled over ten thousand miles with her. Their special food, obtained from the London Zoo, makes them more costly to keep in good condition than an Alsatian dog. The latest acquisition is a miniature poodle called Mephistopheles. So far he is not in the act; being too busy tearing the house into shreds to give time to practise with his mistress.

At one time in her leisure time, June used to paint in oils. Regrettably she has not done so for some years, but as a yard-stick of her talent in this direction we should mention that for two years running her paintings were hung in the Royal Hibernian Academy. A stickler for colour scheme, her props are all decorated in white and gold. She seldom uses a standard prop without making some major alteration in it apart from the colour scheme.

In commercial T.V.'s own magic show "Focus on Hocus" she presented the first illusion and levitated the announcer. In the dozen times she has appeared on British television with her solo spot, she has invariably presented some new novelty and always managed to garner reams of publicity in the so-doing.

June has also been televised in Italy, France, Holland and America. If one could make a list of the notabilities she has performed before it would read like Debrett. Suffice to state she has numbered in her audience Royalty, many titled people, and stars of stage and screen.

Singer, dancer, actress, fashion model, artist and now magicienne . . . what next you may well ask ! We cannot answer but feel sure you will all join with us in wishing June the best of luck in her career.

Said teacher "Why did mother patch your pants

With brown instead of white?"

For teacher knew that Johnnie's pants

Were Johnnie's Ma's delight.

Johnnie pondered for a while

Then slowly raised his head.

And looking into teacher's face,

"That ain't no patch", he said.


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