A. Personal Accident, Temporary Total Disablement.

TO PAY in the event of temporary total disablement by an accident causing personal injury preventing the carrying out of engagements—£10 10s Od. per week (limited to 52 weeks). PREMIUM 30/-.

B. Pubiic Liability.

To indemnify you in respect of your legal ¡¡ability ro the public for personal injury or damage to property occasioned in the course of your performance other than music halls or theatres, including Fire and Explosion, up to sum of £5,000 (Five Thousand Pounds) any one accident unlimited in the year. (Quotations for music hall or theatre performances will be submitted upon request).

On Properties used in connection with your performance anywhere in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland including whilst in Transit excluding breakage of glass.


D. Abandonment Cover.

To pay Loss of Fees not exceeding £10 10s. Od. (Ten Guineas) per performance in the event of cancelment occasioned by Epidemic, Fire or National Mourning. PREMIUM 10/-.

GOODLIFFE has been elected President of the Magical Society in the Isle of Man, and he is taking a parry of Flying Sorcerers with him on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony during the week-end of February 7th. We hope to bring you a full report in a future issue.

My Way With The

Vanishing Cane by BILLY PROTHERO

This method is an improvement, in my opinion, on the usual way, i.e. placing the collapsed cane, together with the silks into a receptacle.

Preparation : A piece of thin pliable wire is first placed in the cloth at the top of the breast pocket, ensuring that the pocket stays open. Now stitch rhe dress handkerchief to the front of the pocket, leaving a space behind it.

Performance : Enter with the cane, and the vanishing movements are as follows. Remove the knob in rhe right hand in the usual way. Whilst displaying the cane, point the ferrule end towards the audience, allowing you to secretly drop the knob into your pocket receptacle. Crip rhe ferrule end in the fork of left thumb and release the cane. It will now be found that the cane can easily be transferred to the front palm position, ferrule pointing towards wrist. At the same time make a gesture with both hands, backs towards audience, as if throwing the cane into the air, and holding this position.

It will now be found that rhe cane slips easily into the breast pocket under cover of the left fore-arm!

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