Copper Rice Bowls

These glorious Rice Bowls are now in stock again. Made in gleaming copper, with improved 'up-lift' of feke. which enables you to change Rice to Water— in mid-air, without going to tray or table. Feke made in plastic. Six inches in diameter.

These can be chromed to order.



Gentleman Jack

Tommy Jack Quersen, who works under th( title name, has the reputation of being one of the slickest pick-pockets in the world. Yes, he really does pick pockets, but skilfully and amusingly for a living.

He is 32 years of age, a Dane by birth, and he has travelled many parts of the earth in pursuit of his profession.

His father was a Wall of Death rider, but in 1935 he started a side show, and here it was that young Tommy made his debut as a contortionist of all things, and later as assistant to a magician. It was here that he fearnt the elements of the business and acquired his first trick, the Egg Bag. He toured two years later in his father's show, working Juggling and Magic in Carnivals and Fun Fairs up and down the country.

Twelve years ago whilst travelling in Sweden he met a young lady who consented to be his wife, and soon they were working as a double act. He had been collecting all the magic books he could buy for some years, and in 1947 acquired Eddie Joseph's "How to Pick Pockets". Subsequently he tells us, he adopted some of Eddie Joseph's ideas, and in combination with his manipulative act he developed his Pickpocket Act.

Later he acquired E.J.'s book "Art of Body Loading", and further culled ideas so that in the finish he finally had the act which he is working to this day. He has toured Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, England, South Africa, Ireland (where he has been alf this Summer) and by the end of this year will be on his way to South America.

Gentleman Jack works mostly in Circuses, and as he tours with them he certainly manages to get long and continuous lists of dates. He was with the famous Boswell Circus in Europe and later went to S. Africa with them. His type of act lends itself to publicity of course, and he certainly gets it. We have seen cuttings from various newspapers, where he has had photos published of himself in action.

One newspaper in Natal reports:— "Gentleman Jack was with a friend who




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