Copper Rice Bowls

These glorious Rice Bowls are now in stock again. Made in gleaming copper, with improved 'up-lift' of feke. which enables you to change Rice to Water— in mid-air, without going to tray or table. Feke made in plastic. Six inches in diameter.

These can be chromed to order.


BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION. Here is the first of a series by that prolific writer, Peter A. McDonald, and I am proud to have been instrumental in securing the articles for readers of "The Magic Magazine". I always suspected that Peter had quite a lot up his sleeve, and now he has shaken the proverbial sleeve and allowed quite a number of good things to drop into our lap. I hope you like "Skull Shakers". Peter readily admits that he has not personally tried out this first effect, but practical magicians will quickly see the possibilities and adopt them to their own use. Peter names his iirst effect:—


This is a prediction effect in which the spectator is allowed a free choice of card . . . indeed he is asked to think of the card before the pack is even produced. He removes his card from the pack for the purpose of checking but allows no one to see it. The magician draws attention to a mirror upon which is resting a sealed envelope. Turning the mirror towards the spectator who thought of the card he asks him to gaze into the glass, concentrating all the time upon the card which he thought of. The envelope is now removed from the mirror and a visiting-card is extracted from it. This is handed to a second spectator who is asked to read the magician's prediction which is written on the visiting card. He does so. The first spectator is now asked to show his card to the audience and it proves to be the very one which the magician predicted. A clear-cut prediction effect with not the slightest possibility of a force. Needless to say, the pack is an ordinary one and there are no stooges

No doubt readers will have guessed that the mirror has a part to play in the mystery and they are, of course, quite right. On the back of the mirror is a thin tray into which is a compartment large enough to contain a visiting-card. The end of the compartment, which is open, coincides with the edge of the mirror. The compartment has an opening at the back. This opening, which runs to the edge of the mirror (see diagram) serves a dual purpose. If the magician holds the mirror with the right fingers in front and the thumb behind and then slides the envelope off the mirror, the thumb makes contact with the visiting-card through the opening and draws it away so that it slides out of the compartment and is clipped behind the envelope by the thumb. This is the first reason for the opening. The second reason is that if a Swami gimmick is fixed to the right thumb nail it is possible for the right thumb to write on the card whilst it is still in the compartment.

So much for the mirror. The pack is set-up in any order which the magician can memorise . . e.g. "Bight Kings" or "Si Stebbins".

To perform the effect, have the visiting-card in the secret compartment and place the mirror on the table, back down. On top place an envelope if the type which opens at one of the short end.. This should be sealed. Have a pair of tweezers handy.

Pick up the mirror and show it to the audience saying that it belonged to an old gambler who made thousands of pounds at cards in the South of France. He was so successful that the peasants said he was ¡in league with the devil and the legend was that the mirror which hung upon his wall was a magic mirror which could fortell the future. Before a card game ... so the legend goes ... he used to gaze into the mirror and he could see in the mirror a reflection of all the cards, which would come into his opponents' hands during the evening. When he d ed his effects were auctioned but superstition locally was so strong that no-one would buy the haunted mirror and you were able to buy it for a song. You had often gazed in it and seen nothing, but this evening, just before the show, you had a shock for, when you looked in the mirror, there was the reflection of a card. To make sure that you would not forget it you wrote its name on a visiting-card which you have sealed in the envelope. At this stage, show the sealed envelope and drop it on the mirror.

Now ask for a volunteer to help you test the accuracy of the mirror. Make a great show of the fact that you are merely going to ask him to THINK of any card he likes . . . any card of the fifty-two. This destroys any suspicion of a force. Then ... as though it was merely an afterthought ... say that in order to absolve him from any accusation afterwards that he merely agreed with you out of sympathy, suggest that he should remove his card from the pack as a check. Fan

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