Before leaving the subject of switches, it may be well to remind readers that those given last month by no means cover the whole field. It would be noted that all of them were executed while the note was in the performer's fingers and without the use of any "apparatus-y" props. For that reason they were particularly suited to close quarter work as well as stage and platform performances.


If the performer wished, of course, he could introduce some form of small apparatus, such as the locking card box, or even the now old-fashioned wooden card box with fall down flap. A logical reason would have to be found for the placing of the note in the box, even temporarily, (or are magicians immune from logic ?) such as the excuse that it was necessary to keep the note in a safe place for the time being. In the use of either box the note would be placed therein by the lender, the box closed (in the case of the wooden one, it would need to be turned over in transit, say, to the table) and placed down "for the time being", while the conjurer busied himself with some necessary preparation. Later it would be opened and the switched note brought forth for disposal.

a suitable moment and recover the borrowed note, in order to 'plant' it ready for the conclusion of the effect. In the case of the wooden variety, it might be possible for the performer to place the box in the pocket, allowing the box to open therein and leave the note ready to be got at when desired.

Another simple switch, which also forms a method of disposal or vanish is to place the actual borrowed note, already folded, under a handkerchief, and to give same to a spectator to hold for a short while. The hanky is 'loaded', at one corner, with a piece of paper folded to the correct size and thickness. In placing the note under the hanky, it is really palmed, and the dummy one contained in the corner is pushed up into the centre of the hank, to be held by the assistant. Whipping away the hanky at a later stage, and holding it spread out to show both sides, also effects the vanish of the note (?) Perhaps the foregoing seven or eight methods will suffice to enable the reader to chose one to his liking. At least one more switch, which also forms the basis for a vanish will be mentioned later on, under that heading, so there should be plenty to chose from !

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