We now reach the final stage of our banquet—"Gentlemen, you may smoke". The magician ¡s here given a chance to demonstrare his skill with cigarettes and cigars. There are many effects with these articles, one or two of which I will mention here. A "FLASH" CIGARETTE PRODUCTION: I wrote up a version of the above trick in a previous article of the present series. This magical production of a cigarette can be adapted to close-quarter work in the following manner: A piece of flash paper is cut to the exact size of a cigarette paper and then foaded into an ordinary packet. A cigarette is concealed in the closed right hand. To perform: The fash paper is first removed from the packet and held by the tip of the thumb and first finger of the same hand; the paper is lit and when the flash is over the hand is slowly opened disclosing a cigarette in the palm.

THE MAGNETIC CIGAR : Effect: A borrowed cigar adheres mysteriously to the fingers; it is fhen transferred to the opposite hand with the same result; the cigar can be handed out for examination afterwards.


WORKING: On receiving the cigar the pin is secretly pushed half-way into the centre and the cigar is then laid across the outstretched fingers of the left hand with the pin pointing downwards and concealed between the sides of the middle and third fingers. The fingers of the right hand are then placed flat on the cigar and roll it away from the body so that the projecting pin is brought between the second and third fingers of that hand; these fingers immediately grip the pin and the right hand is raised upwards bringing the cigar with it; the hand can now be turned in all directions. To transfer the cigar into a similar position on the other hand the fingers are placed on the c gar and roll it this time towards the body; this movement brings the pin to its original position where it is gripped between the two fingers of the left hand; the right hand is removed showing the cigar "magnetized" against the left fingers.

To conclude, the pin is gripped tightly between the left hand fingers and the cigar is taken in the right hand pulling it clear of the pin in doing so. The latter is dropped in due course on to the floor and the cigar is then offered for inspection.

THE VANISHING CIGAR : Effect In offering a cigar to a friend it suddenly disappears completely.

METHOD : Known, I imagine, to many magicians! A dummy cigar, preferably made of wood and complete with band is required. A small screw-eye is attached to one end and a length of round elastic then tied to the eye; A safety p:n is fixed to the other end of the elastic and pinned inside the coat sleeve lining. The cigar should hang about two inches above the coat cuff.

NOTE : If the reader proposes to include the first trick described in this series (The magnetic knife, using the elastic and gut running up the left sleeve, the cigar pull should be attached to the opposite arm if this effect is to be done also).

The cigar is pulled down the sleeve at the appropriate time and held in the fingers; a spectator is approached and the cigar is offered to him. It ¡s worked down a little into the hand as this is done. When his hand comes to take it the performer's arm is stretched out carrying the cigar into the sleeve.

It is as well to have a real cigar in a handy pocket to make amends to him!

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