Competition Result

The prize of one guinea we offered for the best letter commenting on the reported Dr. Daheesh miracles, has been awarded to Mr. E. Willett. We regret we were not able to publish all the letters but out of an interesting selection, that of the winner was, in the opinion of the judges, quite outstanding. The prize is being forwarded.

The Great Sorcar concluded three weeks playing in Paris, and we hear that this includes two weeks extension from the original one week's booking. We learn that one thing which has emerged from his tryout has been that with its Oriental title, people have expected that a show by Indians would be a show of Indian Magic, whereas Sorcar's Show is almost entirely occidental. In view of this the show is being retitled, and various other changes made whilst Sorcar wrestles with the requirements of International Agents. Anyway we wish him luck in his new venture.

We do not see Television, and that is one of the reasons why we never comment either on the shows or their repercussions. We have been struck however, by the similarity of the criticisms freely offered by magicians and laymen alike, and that is the number of exposures being made by so called manipulators and workers of close-up magic. We have been on Television in the early days after the War, and know from experience that some of these faults are due to the circumstances governing production. Comparatively very littie time is devoted to rehearsal in the T.V. Studios, and with the large variety of new material to cope with each day, it is obvious that the camera man cannot possibly remember routines and act to the split second timing when the magician makes his moves of misdirection. For the most part the camera does not follow misdirection, and thus it is that so often one hand is "caught in the act!" The remedy, of course, is to avoid close-ups which are too close, and let the magic be seen by such a vast audience, as it would be to any other very large audience, from a reasonable distance.

Our Xmas Season finished, as it annually seems to do, in a really hectic rush, but we were satisfied in the knowledge that all tricks in stock were dispatched before the holiday. Many customers took our advice and gave alternative selections, and this made a big difference. Obviously it is the most wise procedure, especially if you have a special booking and you must have something fresh to work with.

With the advent of the New Year and its bright outlook, we do earnestly look back and hope that we have been able to satisfy you in your requirements. We know we get a lot of testimonials, but our aim is to please you all. On behalf of the Directors and Staff of this company, may 1 thank all those who have supported our many efforts during the past year, and our sincere hope is that we may have a continuance of your goodwill.

We wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


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