Comedy Beer


Are you the owner of one of Max's Comedy Beer Mugs? You are! Sensible man. Pull up a chair and I will give you five gags with this excellent prop, all of which I have tried out and got laughs with. So here goes.

1. This is a Compere Cag. I saved this gag till there were only four acts until the end. Then when announcing the fourth act from the end, I would state that somebody in the wings bet me a quid that I couldn't drink a pint of beer in one draught! I have dared to fake them on!! The pint of beer, which was in my hand, was polished off in one draught to loud cheers from audience. Stating I was now going to collect my winning I announced the next act. When I re-appeared to announce next act I told audience that the chap didn't see me and demanded I did it again. So I repeated (please don't misunderstand REPEATED). Then rather merrily, I announced the following act. Next time I appeared, again rather merrily, I told audience that the chap was called away by the stage manager and did not see me perform my feat. (My hand, which had been behind my back up to this point, was revealed to hold another pint of beer). So I would have to try again! Which I did. Then with great difficulty I announced the next act, and staggered off. Finally to announce last act I came on with half empty beer mug, large dummy Aspro box under my arm, tried very hard amid many hiccoughs, to announce final act.

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