Colour Calamity


In "Abracadabra" for June 20th I submitted an effect entitled "Your Chosen Player". Used in this effect was a "new" type of cone, and the following effect also makes use of it.

In addition to this cone you will require a red silk, a yellow silk and a small pair of red panties, made from satin, complete with lace edges and a bow.

To prepare, wrap the panties inside the yellow silk, and place this in one of the pockets. The working of the trick is simple, and I use it as an opener, walking on with the cone and red silk in my hands.

Commence to tell the story that you met a magician the other day, who came from Pekin, and he told you rather a wonderful story. He gave you a Magic Fan (show the cone to be empty by merely opening it out) and stated that in Pekin, when a lady goes out wearing a red frock, she naturally wants a red handkerchief to go with it. If on the other hand she decided to wear a yeflow frock, she would of course require a yellow handkerchief to go with it.

Well, it seems, in Pekin, they use a magic fan and by merely placing the red handkerchief into the fan, saying a few magic words, the colour of the hank can be changed to any shade desired. So saying, you place the red silk down into rhe empty pocket of the fan, and when you have done this bring out the gag that, as the magician came from Pekin and as the fan came from Pekin, when you say the magic words, you merely have to peek in, to see if everything is going according to plan.

Having decided that the time is ripe to produce the yellow handkerchief, you now open the fan and dip into the loaded pocket, drawing out the yellow silk.. As you do so, give it a slight flourish, and the red panties will fall to the floor. The audience will be convinced that you have slipped up, and start to laugh. You ignore this by showing the silk, and proving that the cone is empty. After a bit of byplay you inform the audience that 'this' (the red panties) 'has nothing whatever to do with the trick', but they are not convinced in the least, so you finally pick up the panties, and prove thar they do belong to another trick. If you work comedy, then you want laughs, and believe you me, this does get the laughs.



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the neighbouring countries. He has visited most towns of the Netherlands and a great many cities of Be'gium and there are but a few places where he has not given a performance. Contracts took him also to Scandinavia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and England, as most of you know.

Crocher says he really cannot complain of the Dutch critics during his career. Also the foreign Press has always been very sympathetic when criticising him.

Some time ago an American Magazine, "The Sphinx" wroce. "Crochet has personality and inborn showmanship".

The National Congress of Dutch Magicians ar Rotterdam took place in August of last year and it was for the first time only, due to pressure from some of his best friends, that he participated and won the first prize in the class: Illusions.

Lasc year he celebrated his Jubilee in show business, and high honours were accorded him by his colleagues and members of the Rotterdam Magical Society. The Jubilee Show took place in the Luxor Theatre, in Rotterdam and played to capacity for ten days.

Crochet has a unique srage personality, and has his full share of the grace and charm for which Dutch magicians are now so justly famous. We greet him with best wishes for future success, from readers of Magic Magazine. —M.A.

C. GARVAN. Karachi, Pakistan

I was approached by a Pakastani shipping agent with a request for urgent help. The man explained "he had heard of my 'wonderful magic' ". I must help as he was under an ev l-spell cast upon him by a native who practised Black Magic. As a result he had become ill, lost weight and could neither eat nor sleep. Would I cast out the spell ? Bewildered at first, I thought quickly. Years ago I had made a comprehensive study of applied psychology and decided to approach the problem from that angle. Having cony need the man (I hoped), that these beiiefs were primitive in origin, and had no meaning in civilisat'on today, after some 45 minutes treatment, his patient said he felt much relief. He threatened to return again soon, however, if he didn't get better!

There doesn't seem to be the slightest sign of any serious magical activity in Karachi. I have had one or two interested natives ask me to teach them, and they are keen, but beyond that, nothing. I can say, however, that my act is really going big, but the audiences are mainly English and American, and I have made some good friends through it.

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