The Comedy magician, always on the lookout for new material, will find that this routine is 'just what the programme ordered'.

You will require the following: Two paper collars, (obtainable at Woolworth's at 6 for l/6d.), One Dove Pan (if you happen to own two of these, well, you're luckier than I am!), One six foot Snake, not the real, but the spring variety.

Load this spring snake into the container of the pan, together with one paper collar. Wherever you are showing, it should be a simple matter to cajole one of the committee, or even a friendly member of the audience, to help you by donning one of the collars and coming up stage when called upon.

So arrange matters that you have two volunteers from the audience to assist you, one of them being the chappie wearing the paper collar. Perform a trick mainly using the other assistant, and while going through this you constantly request the other one to remove his collar and tie. If he carries out your previous instructions he will be reticent to do this, and your request is repeated ad lib until the first effect is finished.

Dismiss your first assistant and turn to the remaining one, eventually persuading him to divest himself of his neckwear. Ask for the loan of the collar and as you take it from him, manage to grab one of the peaks and tug sharply, resulting


TION. From this point the hand is merely lowered a little, and then moved up again smartly when the confetti will fly out in a splutter. After dis pensing with the contents, the hand is lowered and the thumb returned to the TIP. Fig. 12 illustrates how the thumb is being pushed back into the TIP after discharging the confetti.

I often use two THUMB TIPS—one on each hand—at the same time in some cases, and this is one of these occasions when the result is definitely strengthened by repetition.

With confetti in both THUMB TIPS the shower is alternated with the two hands.

(To be continued next month).

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