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This is a simplified version of that described by Peter McDonald in "The Demon Telegraph" of December, 1949.

The effect is as follows: The assistant is sent from the room whilst the magician gives a short lecture on the subject of thought-transference.

A pack of cards is then produced, and a spectator asked to remove one. Magician turns his back whilst the card is being shown to the other spectators.

After the spectators have all seen the card, magician turns around again, and hands the pack to the spectator and asks him to place the chosen card face-down in the face-up pack. A second pack is now handed to someone else and is genuinely shuffled. In this condition it is given straight to the "medium" who has been summoned back into the room. She looks through the pack and reverses one card. She then hands the pack to a spectator.

Both packs are then ribbon-spread on the table, and someone is allowed to remove the reversed card from each pack. Strange to relate both cards are identical.

Being rather taken by the effect, but not much caring for the use of duplicates; and the switching of packs, I set about devising a method in which these could be avoided. In doing so, I hit upon the following simple routine. In this version, the pack from which the spectator removes his card is left upon the table while the performer turns his back upon the audience.

No duplicates are used; and no switching of packs. And this is how I solved the problem:—

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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